Dwight Kennedy Band
Dwight Kennedy has acted as a Music Producer/Director, Producer and Show Director for shows and events worldwide as well as on television and film. As a session musician, he has performed on hundreds of albums and soundtracks. Dwight also serves as a Writer, Show Director and Creative Consultant for theme parks, corporate/industrial events and shows world wide. Dwight Kennedy has performed at thousands of special events and has appeared at numerous jazz festivals worldwide as a featured drummer, guitarist, vocalist, and banjoist with many classic jazz artists.

An accomplished actor and comedian, Dwight has appeared in many films such as Wedding Crashers, When It Clicks, Festival In Cannes and television shows such as The Gilmore Girls, Veronica’s Closet, The Rosie O’Donnell Show and The Drew Carey Show. As an Emcee, he has hosted countless special events bringing his “late night” style to many Fortune 500 companies.

Dwight studied music at Duquesne University, U.C.L.A. and the Grove School of Music. After graduation, he began writing music for many television shows and films. After stints at RKO Pictures and MGM, he launched Dwight Kennedy Productions, where he became a consultant to numerous film/television studios, theme parks and event companies as a Music Director/Producer, Creative Consultant and Show Director.

About Dwight Kennedy:
Show Director/Music Producer

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